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NEW YORK, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SOLIF, a sustainable urban fashion brand is pleased to announce the launch of their first bag collection, Forest-Green, live on the site today. The collection is including backpacks, totes, and shoulder bags. The primary material of the collection is astonishing washable kraft paper. The color of the collection is inspired by the lively green colors of spring and summer leaves on the sustainable development forests of Brazil and Chile, where the “kraft paper” is made from.


SOLIF is focusing on original design, combines fashionable and sustainable concepts with lifestyles, and constantly draws inspiration from art, fashion, and daily life, and makes interesting, elegant, and trendy bags through the material of kraft paper. Each piece of kraft paper used by SOLIF comes from the sustainable development forests in Brazil and Chile, certified by FSC, adheres to the production principle of ‘planting a tree before cutting it’. Rest of the materials is including GRS certified recycled Oxford and SORONA, a new generation of renewable plant fiber developed by DuPont.


“We are so proud of the amazing bags we have designed that are sustainable. The Forest-Green collection includes beautiful pieces that we created with the nature which we hope inspires consumers the way it has inspired us.” Founder of SOLIF, Mengxu Qin.


Beyond everyone’s understanding, all SOLIF’s bags, despite being made of kraft paper as the main material, are supportive, waterproof, and super lightweight compared to other traditional fabrics, making them suitable for daily life, commuting to work and school through precise design and handcraft.



Founded in the summer of 2021, SOLIF is committed to exploring the possibilities of combining urban lifestyle and environmental protection through the design and manufacture of the most sustainable bags and accessories, accompanying every member of the community, and protecting the planet at the same time. SOLIF brand’s insistence on “sustainability” covers the warrant chain from design, material selection, sales to recycling, through the “Plan-B plan” of the product recycling link, the old bag is transformed and passed on to return to the use scene, reducing the environmental burden.


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