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My kitty Superman was falling in love with his tunnel/backpack, and never got fed up playing and staying in it, and was not afraid of commuting home. After three months, I started to feel like I also needed a backpack for myself to commute every day.
I usually take the subway to and from work because it's so far away, and if the weather is nice, I choose to ride my bike to feel the sunshine and the breeze. The backpack became the first bag I wanted to make for my own. The fabric is still washable kraft paper. First of all, I really love the touchy feeling of paper, on the other hand, I didn't have to worry that if it was leather, it would probably be scratched by Superman. Of course, the most important reason was there was still pretty a lot of paper left from doing the cat backpack in my studio.

For daily work, I will take a lot of things, MacBook Air, power charger, exclusive mouse, AirPods, wallet, Kindle, paper notebook (yes, I love paper), handcream, lipstick, lip balm, sunscreen, sunglass, keys. (Oh my god, how can I put so many things in my bag!), so I started thinking that I must have more pockets to sort out all my miscellaneous things (I can never find my lipstick in my bag!)

It turned out this backpack became incredibly complicated. I made almost two dozen shapes, used up all my washable kraft paper stock, and finally made myself satisfied to carry the backpack out on the street.


There are angles, and storage features galore (my lipstick has its own exclusive space!) The most important thing is that this bag is super light, unprecedented light, even if I put all the things mentioned above, it still feels so light.


I started to improve the straps, the location, and the size of the pockets, and even added a special strap for my suitcase when I travel.

This is how I made the backpack perfectly.


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