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I started living with my kitty "Superman" three years ago. He's always been a super cute and super nice kitty. Unfortunately, he has some congenital ailments.



I started taking him to the vet from time to time, using the ubiquitous pet travel pack with a clear plexiglass dome. But when he saw it, he became afraid, refused to enter the bag, and began to have a stress response.




He hated the outside world, the plastic enclosed spaces, and the feeling of strangers staring at him. I was overwhelmed but couldn't find a better pet bag on the market.

I started to think about what kind of material and what kind of space he would like, and to make him less afraid when he goes out. Until I found out that Superman likes to chew on all kinds of paper in the house. I started to try to make a "tunnel" for his private space using stronger kraft wash paper, and he got into it without hesitation.




I'm sure he liked the paper's temperature, the touch, and the feeling of being safe in an enclosed space. Until I found out that he loved staying in it too much, and whenever I wasn't in sight of him, I could hear a rustling sound coming from the paper tunnel.

It suddenly occurred to me that if I folded this paper tunnel and added two shoulder straps, would I be able to come out with a pet backpack solution? Just as I expected, Superman jumped in without hesitation after watching me finish this backpack, and it became another private space for him.




In this way, this paper bag became a moving castle for him to the vet. He was no longer afraid to go out, at least without knowing it. Of course, the moment he stuck his head out of the bag, he found that he was already in the clinic. And for me, this backpack is lighter weight, more eco-friendly, and different enough.

In any case, this tunnel-folded-bag became the first prototype for the SOLIF paper bag. Incredibly, it was not inspired by myself, but by my kitty, Superman.


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